How to craft your own 30-second commercial

by Lorraine Howell, media skills specialist

Update: New second edition of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift! Featuring a new chapter on your elevator speech and personal branding, And there are new tips regarding new and social media.

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Whether you’re at a business event or a social function, what’s the most common question asked by someone you’ve just met?

“What do you do?”

And that’s good–because those four words represent a golden opportunity for you to market yourself to a potential client. But here’s the catch: In most cases you have just a few seconds–about as long as it takes for an elevator to travel from the lobby to the penthouse–to get your message across and engage your listener’s interest.

How do you do that? With an “elevator speech.”

In Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!, media specialist Lorraine Howell guides you step by step through her unique process for creating a winning elevator speech. By using Lorraine’s method, not only can you explain what you do–in thirty seconds or less–you can also determine your listener’s need and interest, making your elevator speech one of your most compelling–and time-efficient–marketing tools for generating new business.

In this age of sound bites, channel surfing, and information overload, getting your message out quickly and effectively will help you rise to the top. So, forget the stairs – Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift! will show you how to ride the express elevator to professional success.

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About the Author

Lorraine Howell founded Media Skills Training in 1998 after working in television for twelve years producing news and talk show programs. She developed her proven process for crafting “elevator speeches” while coaching top business leaders to be more effective speakers during presentations and media interviews.