You’re in the spotlight.
Are you nervous or confident?

Staying confident under the media spotlight

If you answered “Nervous!”, you’re not alone. Most people find public speaking nerve-wracking!

Media Skills Training offers fast, easy, and practical tips, tools, and strategies for presentations, speeches and media interviews and how to:

  • Focus on and connect with any audience;
  • Create compelling and memorable content;
  • Feel relaxed and confident in the spotlight!

You can eliminate your fear and anxiety about speaking with planning, preparation, and practice.

Lorraine offers several ways to get started:

1. Download short, super-effective podcasts that will help eliminate the fear of public speaking in a variety of situations.

2. Contact me for fast, effective one-on-one coaching, in person, over the phone, or via the web to polish your pitch and be relaxed and confident in the spotlight.

3. Give your elevator speech a lift with my short, fun-to-read and highly effective book.

Lorraine Howell

About Lorraine Howell

Award-winning, broadcast media veteran Lorraine Howell has a proven framework to help you quickly overcome the fear and uncertainty that many people feel when they are in the spotlight.She offers one-on-one coaching, classes, seminars, webinars, and long distance coaching via phone and the web.

Let Lorraine teach you how to keep your audience from changing the channel!